Seaport Salon | Spa


Everyday Makeup Look

Have fun with your look for the day or the season, you will leave confident knowing the products you purchase are the perfect fit.

*Complimentary with $125 makeup purchase


Enhanced Makeup Look

This look includes enhanced techniques that will have you looking perfect for a special occasion, prom, or a night on the town.

*Complimentary with $200 Makeup purchase


Bridal Makeup

We want your special day to be perfect! Whether you love a fresh-faced natural look or smokey eyes and bold lips, you will be gorgeous.


Faux Lashes

These temporary lashes will last for about a day & enhance the eye area for any occasion.


Makeup Gems

Add sparkle & highlight your Makeup look (up to 18 gems).


Tints & Lifts

Brow Tint


Lash Tint


All About Eyes

Brow wax, lash and brow tint.

$80 Waxing
$85 Sugaring

Lash Lift

Give your natural lashes lift, separation, and extra definition.

with Tint $120

Brow Lamination

Lift your natural brows with this eyebrow straightening service to give the appearance of fuller thicker brows.


Lash Extensions

Lash Extensions Full Set

An exciting way to enhance your natural eyelashes by adding thicker and longer lashes. The longevity of the lashes depends on the natural growth cycle of your lashes. When receiving a refresh service, the technician will apply as many lashes as possible in the time allotted.

Classic $200
Hybrid $210
Volume $230

Fashion Lashes – Add-on

A pop of color applied to the outer 1/3 of the eye to create a fun flair.


Eyelash Removal


Lash Fills (available up to 3 weeks*)

Foreign Fill, New Guest

For new lash guests who didn’t have their Full Set with Seaport Salon | Spa.

Classic $150
Hybrid $165
Volume $180

Lash Fill, 60 min.

Classic $80
Hybrid $90
Volume $100

Lash Fill, 90 min.

Classic $120
Hybrid $135
Volume $150

*Lashes that exceed 3 weeks will require a Eye Lash Removal & New Eyelash Extensions Full Set

Price Structure: The “+” sign on selected services indicates variations in price among Seaport team professionals based on experience and education. Learn More